Download Umoria 5.7.15

Umoria 5.7.15 changes

Software license fix. Umoria 5.6 was released under a GPL-3.0-or-later license but I had accidentally changed the license to GPL-2.0 in a commit from the very early days of the project

The license has been corrected to be GPL-3.0-or-later.

Other Changes


Windows 32/64 bit

Extract the game to your Games or Documents folder and double click the umoria.exe file.

Alternatively you can launch the game via the console app:

Move the umoria directory to the C: drive so that the game is accessible in C:\umoria, then launch the Windows console program (cmd.exe) and type cd C:\umoria. Then you can type umoria.exe to run the game.

KEYBOARD TIP: to be able to use the numpad for the movement keys, you must enable your NumLock key.


It is recommend to extract the .gz archive to your home directory.

Then open the terminal app (Cmd-space then typing "terminal" should work). From there type cd ~/umoria to change into the Umoria directory. To launch the game type ./umoria.