About Umoria

The Dungeons of Moria is a single player dungeon simulation developed by Robert A. Koeneke in 1983. The game was originally written in the VMS Pascal programming language before being ported to the C language and released as Umoria (the first public release was on November 5, 1987). Since then Moria has produced many variants, with Angband being the most well known, and was also an inspiration for one the most commercially successful roguelike-like games, Diablo!

In 2006 Ben Asselstine and Ben Shadwick started the free-moria project to re-license UMoria 5.5.2 under GPL v2 by obtaining permission from all the contributing authors. After more than a year of hard work they succeeded in their goal and in late 2008 the Umoria maintainer, David Grabiner, released Umoria 5.6 under a new GPL-3.0-or-later license.

You can read more about the re-licensing process on the Free Software Magazine article, Freeing an old game.

In 2016 Michael R. Cook started the Umoria Restoration Project, with the goal to clean up the source code and provide support for Windows, macOS, and Linux from one standard codebase. The game information and downloads on this website all stem from this project.

Please send email messages to info @ umoria.org

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